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Monday, April 11, 2011

How Much More Can Japan Take?

After the terrible disaster on 11-March-2011 at Tohoku, Japan.  Read Here . Japan received yet another tremor of 7.1 magnitude which shook the entire Fukushima region which shook the entire Japan. Reports are being made by scientists whether there will be another tsunami in Japan and neighboring countries. Sources say that there there is a risk of loss of life and lively hood yet another time and the continuous emitted radiation from leaked plants posses a big threat to to people of Japan and entire mankind. But even with Japanese Govt. trying their level best to overcome the previous disaster, the main question that lies behind is that whether the people will be able to tackle the disaster once more?


  1. Human beings are highly resilient and persevering. So they can take it, but when you think about it, you wonder why Japan? The most hard-working people in the world to be visited by nuclear holocaust yet again?

    And hey, how come you invited me to join your network on Indi? I have not seen you on my blog. Have you read my posts? :)

  2. The point is not only about human being. We may be able to endure it but there are living souls which are not able to take it. What happened to Japan could have happened anywhere but even when they have suffered so much, still it is suffering more...

    And yes I did check your site and read 1 or 2. Its really quite good so I thought of adding you at Indi. :)



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