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Monday, March 28, 2011

Apple's Upcoming Wonder! The I Phone 7

Can Apple really create such a big masterpiece?
That's the biggest question to Apple after their success in almost every technological front. 


After the grand success with I-Phone 3, it has launched a new model the I Phone 4.
The I-Phone 3 and 3Gs which was a later and improved version of its previous phones 1 and 2, had lot more features then the previous ones like its camera quality improved and the model became slimmer and sharper. 

Then there came the I-Phone 4 with better camera quality and resolution and sharp masculine edges.

But the task that Apple took in their hand a marvel in the techno world! It is coming up with a new model (the so called I Phone 7) which will be made on glass.

Everything inside just a simple slab of glass. Such a sophisticated piece of work that will keep people amazed throughout the whole decade. But will Apple will really stand out through the challenge? You will have to wait for that!


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