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Thursday, March 17, 2011


Alcheringa is one of the greatest fest of North-East India held at IIT-Guwahati. It is a four day cultural fest held within the premises of the Indian Institute Of Technology. The inauguration of the show is done with wonderful performances by famous artists on the evening of Day-0. The events starts from the Day-1 and goes on till Day-3. The 2nd day or as they say the Day-1 goes on with numerous events and competitions all throughout  the premises, each being at different locations followed by late night performances by famous artists. The 3rd Day or Day-2 begins the same and ends with Rock Band Competitions and Rock shows. And on the final day i.e the most happening day of all, one can witness a crowd of over 30000 people on the main grounds having a wonderful time and completely enjoying the atmosphere out there and the performance by the main attraction of the show.
 Following are a few pics along with the events of the 4 day show:

RDB Rocking the stage on the 1st night!


Some Of the Dance Performances!

 The huge crowd out there!

The Rock Show Performances!

Street Plays!

Performance By Motherjane!

KK On The Final Night!

The Huge Crowd On The Main Night!


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