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Sunday, April 17, 2011

KKR Fans in for a big surprise!

Kolkata Knight Riders fans are in for a big surprise as their favourite player will be back in action. This season of IPL, the Indian legend Saurav Ganguly was not selected to play for KKR. Being the pride of Kolkata, it was very depressing for his fans to see him not play for his team. Several revolts took place against Sharukh Khan for not including him in the team. Ganguly's fans burnt posters of Sharukh, made processions against KKR. Still he was not allowed in KKR team and was not able to play in Indian Premier League(IPL)-4. Now sources are saying that Ganguly will still be able to perform in IPL-4 as Sri Lankan players may have to drop out of the team as the have to go back to their country for national duties. There's still hope that Ganguly may get to play in place of Jayawardhane for the Kochi Tuskers team. This is the chance for him to prove SRK's KKR team wrong and prove the world that he is still one of the best..

Monday, April 11, 2011

How Much More Can Japan Take?

After the terrible disaster on 11-March-2011 at Tohoku, Japan.  Read Here . Japan received yet another tremor of 7.1 magnitude which shook the entire Fukushima region which shook the entire Japan. Reports are being made by scientists whether there will be another tsunami in Japan and neighboring countries. Sources say that there there is a risk of loss of life and lively hood yet another time and the continuous emitted radiation from leaked plants posses a big threat to to people of Japan and entire mankind. But even with Japanese Govt. trying their level best to overcome the previous disaster, the main question that lies behind is that whether the people will be able to tackle the disaster once more?

Monday, April 4, 2011

Team India Shook The Whole World

The miraculous win by team India over Sri Lanka on World Cup 2011 brought joy and a sense of relief in the heart of millions. Lead by Captain MS Dhoni and with every player's idol Sachin Tendulkar, giving his best on every match, there was no stopping the team. With a rocking start and after defeating many teams, team India finally got a chance to bring the cup home. Out of 16 teams, team India had to 1st qualify for the quarter finals. In the quarter final itself they had to take on the previous and the mighty team Australia. They shook everyone when they won the match and then the got the chance to take on their rivals team Pakistan. And when each and every player played to their full potential their was no stopping this team and they defeated them with ease. And finally the day came for the finals. The entire nation was tensed and was engrossed in watching the match. And with the great game played by the captain himself they managed to defeat Sri Lanka! There was no stopping to the celebrations there after. Lead by Captain MS Dhoni and with every player's idol Sachin Tendulkar, giving his best on every match, there was no stopping the team.

 Their idol Sachin being respected by the players.

 The Captain bringing the cup in style

The Players Celebrating after the match.

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